How to Contact Oxygen Apparel?

Simply fill out the form on our web site or email us at Design14Me@OxygenApparel.com. Our customer service team is available to provide you with the assistance you need.


Will Oxygen Apparel share my personal information with anyone?

We will not provide any of your information to any third party for any purposes unless required by the law. Our privacy policy is explained in details in TERMS & CONDITIONS.


Is my personal data secure on Oxygen Apparel?

Your data is confidential and is protected thanks to the industry standard encryption protocol known as Secure Socket Layer (SSL).


How should I care for my Oxygen Apparel clothing?

Technical cycling clothing needs to be cared for correctly, or the life span and reliability of the products will decrease. We recommend the following:

1) Wash your cycling garments as soon as possible after the activity; don’t let them sit wet for prolonged period of time
2) Wash your cycling clothes in low temperatures and using detergents free from softeners, dies and scents
3) Turning bibs/shorts inside out for washing is always a good idea; if they are bibs place them in a mesh beg to prevent straps from being wrapped around any washer parts or other washed garments
4) Close all zippers of the washed garments
5) Hang drying without direct sun exposure is always the best but low temperature dryer is acceptable unless yours is a blowtorch


What type of fabric technology does Monton use?

Oxygen Apparel introduces the latest technology fabrics for the custom cycling apparel service as well as all retail lines. Visit our TECHNOLOGY page for more information.


How many different types of chamois pads does Oxygen Apparel offer?

Currently there are three types of chamois pads available in bibs and shorts sold by Oxygen Apparel. These pads are the result of years of ongoing testing and refinement. Teo Sports Armadillo is offered only within our Custom program. Evo Punching Pad is standard on the PRO line and available in Custom. And Evo Pad is standard on the EVO lines. All three of them are offered in both men’s and women’s-specific versions and their technical details are available on our TECHNOLOGY page.


Is there a difference between a men’s and women’s seat pad?

There’s a quite a big difference between men’s and women’s seat pads. A women’s seat pad is slightly wider than a men’s seat pad – due to women’s wider sit bones – and a men’s seat pad is longer to ensure additional coverage at the front.


How do I know my correct size in Oxygen apparel products?

Obtaining the correct size is essential to ensure that your garments fit and function optimally. Oxygen Apparel has measured and tested all availabe through us Oxygen Apparel garments and lists them with the most appropriate US sizing as well as item specific dimensions. In addition, model specific fit is listed allowing buyers to decide between race, snug and relaxed fit. Please keep in mind that Oxygen Apparel cycling garments are designed to fit the best while on the bike. Off the bike the jersey might feel tight across the chest and a little short in front. Generally we recommend snug and race fit but those feeling a little claustrophobic in tighter garments have an option of selecting the relaxed fit. The bibs and shorts should always fit tight enough to support critical leg muscles without compromising movement and comfort. For more sizing information please refer to the sizing info below and individual product Size charts


What is Oxygen Apparel warranty policy?

All products sold by Oxygen Apparel are covered by the original Oxygen Apparel manufacturer's warranty. The warranty is valid for 1 year from the day of purchase and only on items purchased from Oxygen Apparel. Details of the warranty and instructions on how to start the claim are provided on WARRANTY & RETURNS page.


What is not covered under Oxygen Apparel warranty?

The Oxygen Apparel warranty program does not cover any defects due to standard wear and tear, improper care, natural fading of colors and materials, rips, tears, abrasion, holes, burns, shrinking and damage caused by accident. Oxygen Apparel does not warranty items that are custom made.


How should I start a warranty claim?

If you feel you have a defective product you should fill out RMA request form available in Your ‘Order History’ at OxygenApparel.com. Customers without an on-line account need to contact us via email at Design14Me@OxygenApparel.com.


How can I return or exchange the products I have purchased from Oxygen Apparel?

If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you can return the product to us within 15 days of delivery. Details and processing steps are listed on the WARRANTY & RETURNS page.


Does Oxygen apparel sponsor clubs, teams and/or individual athletes?

Oxygen Apparel provides an optional sponsorship program to any club, team or individual ordering custom Oxygen Apparel cycling apparel. Details of the this program are presented on the SPONSORSHIP page.


Does Oxygen Apparel offer custom team kits?

Oxygen Apparel offers custom cycling kits through our Custom program. Specific items, pricing, sponsorship opportunities, timeliness, and the process is described through our CUSTOM pages.


Why are the labels on some of the garments showing two different sizes?

All garments we sell are designed and manufactured by Oxygen Apparel in Milan, Italy and Rome, Italy where they use sizing different than what is used in USA. Italian sizing typically runs about one size smaller compared to USA sizing. This is why many labels indicate both European sizing and USA sizing. Oxygen Apparel has gone through an extensive exercise of measuring all Oxygen Apparel’s garments and classifying them as accurately as possible with the typical North American sizes of cycling clothes. If you wear size M, you should be safe buying size L from Oxygen Apprel but it’s always safest to check our sizing chart.


Are items shown as available on the web page in stock?

Items listed as available for purchase through our web site are in stock, in our warehouse in Miami, FL and are available to be shipped the same or the following business day.


When will I receive my ordered item(s)?

We ship all orders next business day and utilize US Postal Service almost exclusively. Most orders ship via USPS Priority and you should receive them within 2 to 5 business days. You will always receive an email from us with shipping information including tracking numbers. 


Where are you located and what currency are your prices in?

We are located in Miami, FL, USA. Our prices are in USA dollars.


What is the timeline for custom orders?

The timeline varies depending on several factors but primarily on readiness of your design. Oxygen Apparel promise to have your order delivered within 6 weeks from placing an order. This time is often shorter but around Lunar New Year (end of January – beginning of February) it might be extended by a week. We will communicate with you exact timeline prior to your order placement.


What are the custom order minimums?

Our minimums are different for different garments. Please refer to CUSTOM APPAREL page for details.


Can I make changes to the already placed order?

There are usually few days between when the order is placed and when the production starts. While some items are worked on immediately (digital design) the actual manufacturing process does not begin within a week from placing an order. Please contact your account manager as soon as possible if changes are to be made.


What is your policy for reorders?

Oxygen Apprel offers additional 5% discount (off of the original per item price) for any reorder, provided the design does not change. We are ready to start the production of your reorder in a very short time frame resulting in a turnaround, most of the time, of less than 30 days.


Can you help to design our team’s custom kit?

We have full-service graphics designers that will help you with your artwork. You will be partnered with her/him throughout the entire artwork process to help you with all of your custom pieces. Please refer to the Design Preparation paragraph in our Custom ORDER PROCESS section for details.


What to do if graphic files in vector format are not available?

We will work with anything you have but additional time might be needed to either convert your bitmap file to vector or to create a brand new vector graphics.


What delivery method do you use for custom shipments?

All custom orders are shipped from Italy to our office in Miami, FL via DHL Express; delivery time is usually less than a week. Upon re-counting order items, the order is shipped to you via FedEx Ground, UPS, or USPS. If faster delivery service is needed please contact your account manager.


Are there any restrictions related to shipping?

FedEx will not deliver to PO Boxes & APO/FPO addresses. We deliver to these addresses using United States Postal Service. We do not accept orders shipped to PO Box & APO/FPO addresses in AK, HI, PR; alternative arrangements need to be made through your account manager.