The Oxygen Apparel Sponsorship option gets you a 10% discount in exchange for printing Oxygen Apparel logos on either the side panels or shoulder locations on your custom upper body garments. Please note that sponsorship logos are in addition to our standard branding Oxygen Apparel logos located on the upper chest (left or right) and back pocket (any).  The minimum vertical size of our standard branding logos is 1 inch; they will be provided to you and their color could be changed with our approval.  The sponsorship logos are to be the ONLY logos within the specified area; their colors can also be adjusted based on our approval.  Please refer to the template below for logo positioning.

All Oxygen Apparel logos shown in gray / green are our standard branding logos and will be printed on all garments.

All Oxygen Apparel logos shown in red and blue are the sponsorship logos; select either red or blue location.  The logos are to be printed on all ordered top custom garments.